Meghana Mamtura

Director and Prime Strategist

Talk about a professional who eats data for breakfast, and the brains of her creative team for dinner – just because she knows exactly what the client needs, and what will work for their brand… and it does work! Yes, that’s Meghana Mamtura for you. The founder of Mime, Meghana is a highly analytical ninja who takes a dip in hot data streams and gobbles up numbers and research data to manufacture cool brand strategies that translate into creative briefs that will make you want to pop some corn.

An NMIMS alumnus, she sports a humble demeanour and a hawkeyed tenacity to pick up business nuances that could dodge the average eye.

She carries over 20 years of core marketing experience, working in mid to senior positions across companies like Airtel, ICICI Bank, Vodafone Idea, and Jio. Having spearheaded multi-million-dollar telecom products from the local to the national level, and served as a full-time fellow for 2 years with Teach For India, she is not only the founder, but also the Glocal Biz Guru at Mime.

Meghana captains the research, marketing & strategy ships at Mime. Considering the fact that she has been pivotal to many P&L growths in her multiple roles, you can be sure of one thing – she will ask the right questions before she gets you your answers. And she will get you the results. Because well, she writes our paycheques!

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